Aqua D'Alfresco - Insect Repellent Fine Fragrance Spray

$35 $47.50

“Suitable For Royalty…”

Designed in a 300 year old English medicinal garden and developed with a Perfumer from the famous Britsh House “Yardley”.   That’s right, the same british perfumer that was appointed to the His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales, the first of many Royal Warants.

Suitable for royalty, made for you!

Just a few sprays will leave your skin gorgeously scented.  And of course, as with all our products, Acqua d'Alfresco is deet free and is tried and tested on humans - never animals.

Use as a perfume / cologne and a powerful plant based repellent.

Aqua D’Alfresco is our first and bestselling fragrance.  Popular the world over and a perfect complement to our Anti Bug Bite Moisturisers.

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