Anti Bug Bite Planet Power Lotion (50ml)


“Power Without Poison”

Or as we say… Plant Based, Powerful and Protective!

Planet Power is our third fragrance.  Both calming and protective this all Natural Insect Repellent has earned the tag line “ Natural Protective Power”

Containing Sarah Lou’s secret 22 Essential Oil blend known as the Alfresco Active, this super hydrating moisturizer gives you beauty without bites…

We have heard it described as a gentle explosion in a cake shop, and that probably comes from our Top Note of Vanilla…

Top Note- Vanilla, is the 2nd priciest spice in the world and a well known antioxidant combined with the worlds calming plant - Chamomile

Middle Note-Jasmine the aphrodisiac makes up our middle note

Base Note- And we finish off with rejuvenating Rosewood

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