Alfresco - Anti Bug Bite Classic Moisturiser 200ml


“The Mosquitoes Are Running The Other Way In Retreat”

This is our Classic.

A vintage fragrance created in the last century whilst Sarah-Lou was working at The Chelsea Physic Garden circa 1996.  She developed 'Classic' with a perfumer whose background was the ancient English perfume house Yardley.  The first factory she collaborated with at the time, Floris, was established in 1730 and supplied the Royal Family for many centuries. 

The Classic contains Sarah Lou’s Alfresco Actives  - a secret blend of essential oils. The combination of which creates this classic fragrance, a hydrating moisturizer and an all-powerful, Natural, Insect Repellent.

Top Notes- That first quick hit of Vanilla & Lavender mixed with Cinnamon is just yummy.

Middle/heart Notes- The deep warmth of Cedarwood gives this Mositurizer a woody tonic.

Base Note - That lingering Clove is slightly medicinal and pairs perfectly with the floral note of Geranium...

Available in 200ml


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